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Anti-Christian Gay Pornographer Behind Bullying Campaign

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[NOTE: Parts of this column are extremely disturbing and vulgar. What follows is the latest effort by the national homosexual movement and its allies to draw in kids across America.]

A purported "anti-bullying" organization, formed less than a year ago by an angry, obscene anti-Christian homosexual activist -- which is actually pushing the acceptance homosexual sex on children -- is being promoted by several corporations, prominent politicians, the media, and now even the Boston Red Sox.

The "It Gets Better" project, under the guise of anti-bullying and suicide prevention, encourages kids to proudly "come out" as homosexual, bisexual, or transgender; to emulate homosexual or transgender adults; and to fight against "hate and intolerance" (i.e., parents and Christians with traditional values).

In May MassResistance first reported that the Old Navy Stores chain was selling "gay pride" shirts and donating a percentage of the total sales to this group. Most people were not aware that of the extent of what was happening.

Founded by very disturbed, angry, hateful, and obscene activist and pornographer

The founder, leader, and public face of "It Gets Better" is a media-savvy homosexual activist named Dan Savage. Savage is clearly an angry and obviously disturbed individual who appears to have an obsession with kids and filthy language.

Dan Savage's writings, statements, and activities are so disgusting and obscene that we cannot include them in this email. We've posted the unedited examples HERE.  

Here is a (relatively) PG-rated synopsis:

  • He set up a website to obscenely attack Sen. Rick Santorum using the most disgusting homosexual imagery. As you enter the website, on the "splash" screen Savage calls Santorum "the byproduct of anal sex." Savage is conducting an ongoing Internet campaign to tie Santorum's name to anal sex.

    Dan Savage on television with T-shirt advertising his campaign to connect Santorum's name to anal sex.

  • He set up a website to obscenely attack Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. He described the church's name as a disgusting description of anal sex. Savage went on to suggest that engaging in anal sex is what Pastor Warren actually does "in private" and also what Christian teens involved with his church do when practicing abstinence. He describes this and more in a most sickening manner.

    Dan Savage posted this sickening attack on Rick Warren's Saddleback Church and on Christian kids.

  • Savage has published obscene attacks on Rep. Michele Bachmann and her husband. He writes that "Michele Bachmann's never met a ranting, raving anti-gay bigot that she wouldn't crawl into bed with." Savage calls her husband a "Queen for a Day" and a "bigot", and makes reference to "eating feces" in his rant against him. In addition, Savage celebrated an attack inside Rep. Bachmann's husband's office by homosexual activists.
  • Savage wrote about inserting a "Scott Brown action figure" into someone's rectum or vagina. (This was part of a larger discussion Savage was having about using an Oscar statuette as a sex toy.) It was this vulgar reference that Sen. Brown referenced as his reason for not joining the video by the Mass. Congressional delegation pushing "It Gets Better." [NOTE: We will be covering this more in an upcoming email.]
  • Savage said of Republicans while on a television talk show on HBO, "I wish they were all f---ing dead."
  • In 2000, Savage pretended he was a conservative and volunteered for Gary Bauer's presidential campaign. Savage wrote that while he was sick with the flu he went into Bauer's office and licked the doorknobs and Bauer's desk implements to try to make Bauer ill.
  • He writes a very raunchy, even pornographic, on-line sex column, often aimed at teenagers. In one entry, Savage advises a homosexual teenager who complains that his boyfriend does not give him the kind of anal sex he desires to "seek a partner who meets your needs" because "you're far too young to settle" for second-rate sex. In another column, he publishes a story of a heterosexual couple's anal sex adventures in a quaint B&B, where they upset the management with their noise and the filthy sheets they left behind. Another example: A young man describes his all-expense-paid trip to Paris to be a sex slave in a BDSM "dungeon." Savage seems to especially enjoy publishing letters about teenagers and depraved sex.
What the "It Gets Better" website is REALLY about . . .

On the surface it claims to be about anti-bullying and stopping gay youth suicide. But like many homosexual projects targeting kids, that's a fairly transparent front for pushing the normalization of homosexual and transgender behavior.

As we predicted a few years ago, the homosexual movement is now using the anti-bullying concerns as a cover to push their agenda to children. This is the latest permutation of the "gay student safety" strategy devised by Kevin Jennings in the 1990s to push homosexuality in the public schools.

Neither Dan Savage nor anyone else closely associated with "It Gets Better" appears to have any legitimate qualifications for working with kids, and certainly not for dealing with the behavioral and psychological issues surrounding suicide. They are simply homosexual activists. The real victims are the vulnerable kids who come to them for help.

The main messages that "It Gets Better" repeats to kids can be summarized in five points. Kids are told:
  1. Don't try to suppress your "gay" identity. You were born gay. Be out and proud of being homosexual. Don't deny it. There is a lot of emphasis on accepting your homosexuality as permanent.
  2. Adult homosexuals lead a wonderful life. Although being a "gay" kid may be very difficult, it gets much better if you just stick it out. Furthermore, you should seek out adult homosexuals like Dan Savage as mentors and role models.
  3. Anyone who does not support the homosexual movement or does not believe that homosexual behavior is normal and natural is hateful and intolerant, and wants to help kids kill themselves. This includes Christians in particular. Such people are the cause of bullying and suicide and must be fought vigorously.
  4. The antidote to bullying and suicide is (a) more homosexual programs in schools, (b) more access for to kids homosexual organizations and homosexual adults, and (c) the suppression of dissenting opinions.
  5. Any kind of sexual activity imaginable should be explored and celebrated. (The more perverted, the better.)
These five messages permeate the project. For example, from the "It Gets Better" website:
"When a gay teenager kills himself, what he's saying is that he can't picture a future for himself with joy in it to compensate for the pain in his life now," says Savage. "Gay teenagers need to know that life as an openly gay adult is wonderful... and they shouldn't be filled with despair."
They ask kids to pledge to fight "hate and intolerance":
JOIN OUR MOVEMENT - TAKE THE PLEDGE: Everyone deserves to be respected for who they are. I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family and neighbors. I'll speak up against hate and intolerance whenever I see it, at school and at work. I'll provide hope for lesbian, gay, bi, trans and other bullied teens by letting them know that "It Gets Better."
Basically he wants kids to pledge to join him in his hateful anti-religious rants.

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