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Is Norwegian Mass Murderer Anders Breivik a Christian?

I am not a psychologist nor do I have any special insights into what makes Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik tick.  However, I do have common sense and I am a Christian. For me the answer to the headline question is simple. If he was ever a Christian, he stopped being one the moment he began contemplating the murders of his fellow citizens.
At that moment he not only violated the law of man, he violated the supreme law of God.
As Exodus 20:2-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6–21 states: "You shall not murder." It may be a good idea for all citizens of Norway to begin reading the Bible in earnest. Going back to their Christian roots will help Norway heal and help prevent future events such as this.
There are, however, other indicators that Breivik stopped being a Christian. It has to do with his embracing of "reprogenetics". In paragraph 3.93 on page 1196 of his Manifesto Breivik states:
3.93 Reprogenetics and the future. Reprogenetics is a term referring to the merging of reproductive and genetic technologies expected to happen in the near future as techniques like germinal choice technology become more available and more powerful. The term was coined by Lee M. Silver, a professor of molecular biology at Princeton University, in his 1997 book Remaking Eden.
Reprogenetics is a hybrid form of eugenics. Eugenics was the ideology embraced by Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, H.G. Wells, American author and put into practical application by Adolf Hitler, the creator of the "Final Solution". 
Breivik states, "According to Silver, the main differences between reprogenetics and eugenics, the 'science' of improving the gene pool which in the first half of the 20th century became infamous for the brutal policies it inspired, is that most eugenics programs were compulsory programs imposed upon citizens by governments trying to enact an ultimate goal. Reprogenetics, by contrast, would be pursued by individual parents, who would be trying to improve their children with the same motivations that compel them to purchase expensive courses in preparation for standardised testing (e.g. the SAT)." [My emphasis]
According to Breivik, "Creating a World Bank of Genotypes would be an anti-racist solidarity project which would contribute to prevent conflict and war." So, in Breivik's view this is a kinder and gentler form of racial purity. 
David Klinghoffer, a Senior Fellow at Discovery Institute notes, "Breivik likes that in contrast to the old pseudoscience of eugenics, which resulted in forced sterilizations, the new pseudoscience of reprogenetics proposed by Silver relies on voluntary methods -- though it’s hardly less chilling in its way, envisioning a race of near god-men, which Silver calls “cognition-enhance GenRich.” Breivik, however, also drew on earlier influential eugenicists like Madison Grant (cited, again, by name) in theorizing about the superior virtues of the “Nordic” race, being lost through “race-mixing.”
Reprogenetics is certainly anti-Christian. 
Finally, Breivik embraces what he, and others, call “National Darwinism.” According to Klinghoffer, "This dark vision is not his invention. It’s a spin-off of what he aptly calls 'National Darwinism,' which got its start in the writing of Charles Darwin. While a gentle soul in person and wishing no harm to anyone, Darwin envisioned a picture of the world that equates “extermination” (a favorite word of Darwin’s) with biological advancement. I’ve written elsewhere about the historical, moral consequences of Darwinism, quite apart from any explanatory value of natural selection in biology."
National Darwinism is anti-Christian.
So, my simple common sense analysis of Anders Breivik is that if he ever was lead by the teaching of Jesus Christ he was embraced by the devil and became evil incarnate. He fell from grace and will be punished by man but more importantly punished by God for time immemorial.

Please watch David Wood's insightful analysis of Anders Breivik:

NIH Study Finds Homosexuals with Smaller Genitals are Routinely the Submissive Member

Courtesy of Eugene Delgaudio, President, Public Advocate of the United States:
There are times when I come across an outrage perpetrated by the Homosexual Lobby and I don’t know whether to scream out loud over their obscenity or laugh at their stupidity. 
In the midst of the debt ceiling crisis, unbelievable news about the Homosexual Lobby has been revealed. 
Because of their influence, one MILLION of your tax-dollars was spent on a study entitled “The Association between Penis Size and Sexual Health among Men Who Have Sex with Men. 
This study, which was pushed by the Homosexual Lobby’s lapdogs in Congress and ran for five years, was subsidized by the National Institute of Health using your tax-dollars.
Their findings are even more ridiculous. In fact it is very hard to believe this was the result of legitimate academic research at all. 
WARNING: Obscene Content Below 
They found that Homosexuals with smaller genitals are routinely the submissive member in their perverse “relationships”, and that those with larger anatomy were more likely to be “on top.”And you and I are forced to pay for this nonsense. 
You can be sure that your Public Advocate will not let this injustice pass unopposed.
Every day, allies of the Radical Homosexual Agenda use government resources to try to force their perversion upon the public. 
At a time when the Liberals are telling us that the Debt Ceiling must be raised, they’re spending one million dollars studying the size of Homosexual genitals... 
Please call your congressman and Senators right away and tell them that raising the debt ceiling is absolutely unacceptable while this sort of trash remains in the Budget!
Congressional Switchboard: 202-224-3121 (Tell them your state and zipcode)

Here is a link to the full study. The following is the NIH Abstract:

Larger penis size has been equated with a symbol of power, stamina, masculinity, and social status. Yet, there has been little research among men who have sex with men assessing the association between penis size and social-sexual health. Survey data from a diverse sample of 1,065 men who have sex with men were used to explore the association between perceived penis size and a variety of psychosocial outcomes. Seven percent of men felt their penis was “below average,” 53.9% “average,” and 35.5% “above average.” Penis size was positively related to satisfaction with size and inversely related to lying about penis size (all p < .01). Size was unrelated to condom use, frequency of sex partners, HIV status, or recent diagnoses of HBV, HCV, gonorrhea/Chlamydia/urinary tract infections, and syphilis. Men with above average penises were more likely to report HPV and HSV-2 (Fisher’s exact p ≤ .05). Men with below average penises were significantly more likely to identify as “bottoms” (anal receptive) and men with above average penises were significantly more likely to identify as tops (anal insertive). Finally, men with below average penises fared significantly worse than other men on three measures of psychosocial adjustment. Though most men felt their penis size was average, many fell outside this “norm.” The disproportionate number of viral skin-to-skin STIs (HSV-2 and HPV) suggest size may play a role in condom slippage/breakage. Further, size played a significant role in sexual positioning and psychosocial adjustment. These data highlight the need to better understand the real individual-level consequences of living in a penis-centered society. [My emphasis]

So gay men live in a penis-centered society. How profound!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nation's blood supply facing new danger!

Column courtesy of

Nation's blood supply facing new danger -- stiff political pressure to change rules regarding homosexual blood donors.

Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) and Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) leading the charge.

In 1985 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) instituted a rule that homosexual men may not be blood donors. The FDA had determined this was necessary after a rash of innocent people received HIV infections via blood transfusions. Many other countries, such as Canada, also have instituted those restrictions.

The reasons are clear. As the National Journal observed this week:
Men who have sex with other men, including gay and bisexual men, have an HIV infection rate 60 times higher than that of the general population, the FDA says. They have an infection rate 800 times higher than first-time blood donors and 8,000 times higher than the rate of repeat blood donors. Tests cannot pick up a new HIV infection in the blood with 100 percent accuracy; because blood is often pooled, many people may be at risk from a single infected donor.
As a result of the FDA's ban, the nation's blood supply has been relatively safe from HIV danger. But that could be changing if the current efforts by the homosexual movement and its allies are successful.
Over the years the FDA has held fast against pressure and lobbying efforts from to rescind the rule. Homosexual activist groups and their allies are angry that the dangers of their behavior are being exposed. Thus, despite the serious public health necessity, they are insisting that "discrimination" and "fairness" issues should override that. However, the FDA has maintained that rescinding the rule would seriously jeopardize the blood supply.

Nevertheless, these groups relentlessly pound Congress with political and emotional reasons for lifting the ban. They have even claimed that there is a "shortage" of blood that will be fixed by allowing homosexuals to freely donate blood.

Full assault on FDA's rule is launched by pro-gay politicians

Now a full assault on the FDA's rule is being launched by Massachusetts US Sen. John Kerry, US. Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill. Working with them is the Obama Administration's Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.
The homosexual lobby even has its own logo for their push to jeopardize our nation's blood supply!

Despite the FDA's findings to the contrary and its reluctance to lift the ban, Kerry, Quigley, and Sebelius claim that they can "implement" ways to allow homosexuals to "safely" give blood.

On Tuesday, Rep. Quigley's congressional office published the following statement:
Kerry, Quigley: HHS Moves to Revisit Outdated Gay Blood Donor Ban
Tuesday, 26 July 2011

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Senator John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) today applauded the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for outlining concrete steps towards ending the outdated, discriminatory lifetime ban on gay and bisexual men from donating blood.

In a question and answer document requested by Senator Kerry and Congressman Quigley, HHS laid out four final areas for additional study needed to implement a policy change and identified funding in two of the four areas.

"We've been working on this a long time in a serious way and I'm glad Secretary Sebelius responded with concrete steps to finally remove this policy from the books," said Senator Kerry. "HHS is doing their due-diligence and we plan to stay focused on the end game - a safe blood supply and an end to this discriminatory ban."

"This announcement by HHS means we're moving in the direction of finally ending this antiquated and discriminatory policy," said Quigley. "Senator Kerry and I will continue to push for a behavior-based screening process both in the name of fairness and a safer blood supply." . . .

Read entire statement HERE
Not surprisingly, the homosexual lobby is diving right into this with an increased lobbing effort.

The Washington DC homosexual newspaper The Blade added that:
LGBT advocates also praised HHS for taking steps toward allowing gay and bisexual men to donate blood.

Nathan Schaefer, director of public policy at the New York-based Gay Men's Health Clinic, said he's "pleased to see" the U.S. government take "critical steps to review outdated blood donation policies."
Disturbing support by gay-friendly Red Cross for lifting ban

Also pushing for the ban to be lifted is, shockingly, the Red Cross. It appears that the Red Cross has become hugely pro-gay in recent years. In many people's opinions, the organization cannot be trusted on these issues.

How "gay-friendly" has the Red Cross become? See the following articles:
"American Red Cross Fires Employee for Refusal to Celebrate 'Gay and Lesbian Pride Month' "

"Red Cross, blood centers lobby to end ban on gay men donating blood"
Very serious implications for everyone
Facts and statistics do not lie. If the FDA believed it was safe to lift this ban they would do it on their own. The fact that they're even resisting political pressure on this should be alarming to everyone.

This is very serious. If this rule is lifted, if you or a member of your family ever need a blood transfusion, you could be a potential AIDS victim, as happened to so many innocent people before the ban was put in place. Like most of what the Left and the homosexual movement does, this pressure and lobbying effort is not about improving public health. It's about pushing a political agenda. They literally don't care about the average American.

TAKE ACTION. Tell these public officials NOT to play politics with our lives!

          Contact Sen. John Kerry's office HERE   Phone: (202) 224-2742

          Contact Rep. Mike Quigley's office HERE   Phone: (773-267-5926

Ban on blood donations by military still in effect!
A retired Air Force officer emailed us the following when hearing this news:
How ironic..., military service members and their families that served in Europe, for six months or more (and that includes just about all fliers and ops guys) after 1981 are prohibited from donating. My blood drive on Robins AFB went from nearly 1400 active donors to less than 200 when that ruling was enacted.
Apparently, the military doesn't have a strong enough lobby to cry out about "discrimination" and "fairness."

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Dollywood Stands up for Morality Unlike Hollywood

The Associated Press reported on July 26, 2011 that Dollywood is coming under fire for asking a lesbian entering the park to reverse her shirt over concerns that it may offend other guests.  Click here to read Associated Press report. 

The lesbian patron entered the park wearing a shirt which stated “marriage is so gay.”

Dollywood has a policy which prohibits patrons from wearing apparel with statements that may offend other patrons.  In contrast to Dollywood’s responsible policy, Disney allows patrons to enter the park especially on Gay Day wearing shirts that are so offensive that Florida Family Association declines to repeat the wording.

The Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation owns Dollywood.  The company owns 26 family entertainment parks across ten states.  

It would be destructive to the moral environment and civility of all patrons if homosexual extremists’ criticism influenced the company to change their policy to allow patrons to wear apparel that degrades common decency and traditional American values.  However, that is the objective of homosexual extremists, to change America values.   

Florida Family Association has prepared an email for you to send which thanks Dollywood and parent company officials for enforcing their policy.

To send your email, please click the following link, enter your name and email address then click the "Send Your Message" button.  You may change the wording in the subject line or message.

Please click here to send your email to thank Dollywood and parent company officials for enforcing their policy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Angry Gays and other Bigots

There is an interesting column written by Doug Giles, reporter for, titled, "Angry Gays: F-Bombs, Glitterbombs, Phlegm Phones & Death Wishes." In it Doug notes how gays are so angry, even in tolerant America, that they resort to jackboot style tactics to squelch opponents to their life style.

Doug notes, "[T]his past week Dan Savage (who is obviously a bubble off level) he would love to “f--- the sh-t” out of Rick Santorum. That’s the same Dan Savage who, sick with the flu, phlegmed Gary Bauer’s phones during his bid for the White House in 2000 and bragged about it. In addition, homosexual vandals blaring Lady Gaga music blew into the private business of Michele Bachmann’s husband, raised all kinds of hell and then dumped glitter in his offices and were dumb enough to film it. . ."

These tactics are typical. Name calling, verbal and physical attacks and in the end violence against people and property.

As Doug states, "There’s no way in Hades that conservatives or Christians could get away with that kind of violent rhetoric and criminal activity without the media and the cops landing on their chest with both boots. But do you know who can get away with that kind of bull-crap? Gay activists, that’s who." [My emphasis]

"The lesson is clear, little children: If you wanna be a vile vandal but don’t want to be harangued by the media and would like to skate when you should be fined or imprisoned, you might want to consider homosexuality because they can obviously do the aforementioned without any repercussions.", Doug opines.

I take away a different message. If you want to be respected then embrace behaviors, values and morals that put you at the pinnacle of human kind. Being homosexual and acting in this grotesque manner is sub-human behavior.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mitt Romney's Deception -- His Stealth Promotion of "Gay Rights" and "Gay Marriage" in Massachusetts!

Just released: The long-awaited print edition of Mitt Romney's Deception -- His Stealth Promotion of "Gay Rights" and "Gay Marriage"in Massachusetts!
MassResistance researcher Amy Contrada's blockbuster book, Mitt Romney's Deception is now available in print edition. (See ordering information below!)

It is the most complete coverage yet of Mitt Romney's record on these issues, as well as an overall review of how "gay marriage" and the homosexual agenda in the schools came to Massachusetts -- and ultimately to the rest of the country.

What most Americans probably don't know about Mitt Romney
The Mitt Romney who is introducing himself to voters on television and in early Republican primary states is a well-scrubbed version of the man who governed Massachusetts for four years. Mitt Romney's Deception reveals what the former Massachusetts Governor actually did regarding the important social issues of the day -- and sounds a warning as to what he would likely do as President of the United States.

Amy Contrada
Contrary to Gov. Romney's claim that he defended marriage, the Constitution, traditional values, and religious freedom, he actually undermined them.

Contrada's research will prove invaluable in assessing Mitt Romney as a Presidential candidate. Focusing on the issue of "gay rights," Contrada documents his largely untold history as Governor.

During those years (2003-2006), Romney:
  • Worked closely with homosexual activists and pro-gay rights advisors
  • Implemented "gay marriage," violating the Massachusetts Constitution
  • Pushed a constitutional amendment strategy doomed to failure, and ignored the call to remove the "gay marriage" judges
  • Funded and promoted GLBT indoctrination in the public schools through his Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth, and his Department of Education "Safe Schools" programs
  • Undermined religious freedom, failing to defend Catholic Charities in the "homosexual adoptions" fiasco
  • Continued or implemented radical GLBT programs in his executive departments
A fully documented history of the Massachusetts "gay marriage" fiasco

Have you ever wanted to find out the whole story of how "gay marriage" first happened in America? This book includes a thoroughly documented review of everything that took place -- all the sordid parts of the puzzle which have not been covered anywhere else.
Downtown Boston,
Feb. 2004.
[Mass-Resistance photo.]

It starts in 2001 with Ed Pawlick's original constitutional amendment, which Romney refused to support and which the Legislature refused to vote on. It covers the tainted Goodridge "gay marriage" ruling, the attempted "civil union" constitutional amendment by the Legislature (supported by Romney), the constitutional issues which were purposefully ignored, the grassroots effort to remove the judges, the "gay marriage" training sessions for town clerks, the watered-down VoteOnMarriage amendment, what really happened with the Catholic Charities adoption issue (it's not what the media reported!), and everything in between. The in-fighting, the shameful collapse of the conservative movement, and the treachery by so-called "conservative" leaders is all covered.

Anyone who wants a thorough knowledge of what really happened should not miss this book.
Across the street from the State House during the Sept. 2005 Constitutional Convention ... graduates of Gov. Romney's "Safe Schools" programs. [Mass-Resistance photo.]

The history of the homosexual agenda in Massachusetts schools

Finally, this book is an unprecedented documentary of the homosexual agenda in Massachusetts schools starting in the early 1990s. This is particularly relevant to people across the country who are seeing the fruits of that "pioneering" work in their school systems now. Gov. Romney's support of these radical programs (through his Dept. of Education and Governor's Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth) is fully documented.

From Kevin Jennings (who started out as a teacher in Concord Academy in Concord, Mass.) to the GLSEN conferences, "Safe Schools" programs, gay-straight alliance clubs, and Youth Pride events, to the parents' rights violations in the David Parker nightmare case, this book documents how the homosexual movement literally took over the Massachusetts Department of Education -- and branched out to the Department of Social Services and throughout state government.
This well documented 640-page history has over 900 detailed footnotes.

For more information about the book and the author visit Amy Contrada's website(and Amy's new blog

Special offer!

Mitt Romney's Deception will be available later this week on for$23.95.  However, you can get it right now for $21.95 -- a $2.00 savings -- on the CreateSpace E-store page. (CreateSpace is a subsidiary of Amazon).

   To get the book at the discount:
   Go to the CreateSpace website.
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   Then plug in the discount code 9E8D8M9M on the purchase page.

This book is a valuable addition to any serious activist's library! 

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Homosexual genes and mating

According to
"Gay gene: A gene located on the X chromosome which was alleged to determine male homosexuality. The "gay gene" was dubbed homosexuality 1 (HMS1) and the male sexual orientation gene. It was thought to be in chromosome band Xq28. However, one would expect there to be strong selective pressures against a gene for male homosexual orientation. The original claim for the "gay gene" was made in 1993 by Dean H. Hamer and colleagues. There has been no independent confirmation of the existence of a "gay gene" and today there is considerable doubt about its existence." [My emphasis]
A good friend of mine sent me the below analysis to demonstrate that a gay gene is doomed to extinction after seven generations. Please read it and comment if you wish:
Here is a common sense look at the homosexual gene controversy. As a scientist and graduate research chemist (published and hold 2 patents), I studied Gregor Mendel in HS, who is considered by Wikipedia to be the father of modern genetics. Mendel studed pea plants to determine traits passed on through dominant and recessive genes. In each case he mated the male and female parts of the plants to accomplish his work. Homosexual organisms do not mate by definition and bisexual organisms like mammals must mate to pass ANY trait from one generation to the next. Whether dominate or recessive the theoretical existence of a homosexual gene or any other trait cannot be passed from one generation to another in bisexual organisms without mating. Assuming a dominate gene present at 100% in the first generation, the dilution factor after just 7 generations yields the claimed percentage of homosexuals present in U.S. society. At 11 generations, there is just 1/10th of 1% of the trait present without any mating of the organisms. After hundreds of generations, the dilution factor precludes any realistic possibility.  
GenerationTrait, %
Starting with Gregor Mendel and thousands of biologists since then it has been demonstrated conclusively that traits cannot be passed in bisexual organisms without mating. The theory of homosexual traits or tendencies being passed across multiple human generations is scientifically bogus. Like many theories put forth without scientific merit there is an overriding political and/or sociological agenda, which is being served but science should not be drawn into such wrong-headed thinking.
According to Brad Harrub, Ph.D. and Bert Thompson, Ph.D. and Dave Miller, Ph.D.
"The news was big, but it did not contain what some had hoped for.  On April 14, 2003, the International Human Genome Consortium announced the successful completion of the Human Genome Project—two years ahead of schedule.  The press report read: 'The human genome is complete and the Human Genome Project is over' (see 'Human Genome Report...,' 2003, emp. added).  Most of the major science journals reported on the progress in the field of genetics, but also speculated on how the information would now be used.  The one piece of information that never materialized from the Human Genome Project was the identification of the so-called 'gay gene'.

Homosexual Assault in the Military

Study courtesy of the Family Research Council:

Executive Summary

A Family Research Council analysis of publicly available documents-the Pentagon's own report on sexual assault in the military for Fiscal Year 2009, and published decisions from military courts of appeals over the last decade and a half-have shown that there is already a significant problem of homosexual misconduct in the military. This problem can only become worse if the current law is repealed and homosexuals are openly welcomed (and even granted special protections) within the military, as homosexual activists are demanding.
Rates of Homosexual Assault in the Military Are Disproportionately High
Homosexual activist groups themselves have admitted that less than three percent of Americans are homosexual or bisexual.
FRC has reviewed the "case synopses" of all 1,643 reports of sexual assault reported by the four branches of the military for Fiscal Year 2009 (October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009). Our startling finding was that over eight percent (8.2%) of all military sexual assault cases were homosexual in nature. This suggests that homosexuals in the military are about three times more likely to commit sexual assaults than heterosexuals are, relative to their numbers.
Lack of Privacy Leads to Sexual Assaults
FRC and other supporters of the current law have pointed out the risks involved in having servicemembers share living quarters, showers, and bathrooms with persons of the same sex who may be sexually attracted to them. This concern is borne out by many of the case synopses reported by the Pentagon. The most common type of homosexual assault is one in which the offender fondles or performs oral sex upon a sleeping victim. Assaults upon victims who are intoxicated are also common.
Many Discharges of Homosexuals are for Sexual Assault
Advocates of open homosexuality in the military often lament the fact that several thousand members of the military have been discharged under the 1993 law since its enactment. However, what they fail to note is that many of those discharges are actually for sexual assaults.

Court Records Reveal Shocking Cases of Homosexual Assault
Published decisions of military courts (available on the legal search engine Lexis) give even more detail about homosexual assaults in the military. For example:
  • 36-year-old Marine Sgt. Sean D. Habian used both alcohol and homosexual pornography in the course of assaulting a 21-year-old Lance Corporal.
  • Marine Sgt. Steven G. Carlson, a military police instructor, took advantage of his position to exploit his students, inviting them to social events, plying them with alcohol, and playing games like "truth or dare" to identify who might be receptive to homosexual activity. One of his victims "testified that the appellant's acts shocked him, he froze, and was scared."
  • Homosexual activists are fond of saying that the military cannot afford to lose the specialized skills that some homosexual service members have-such as translators and linguists. Air Force Sgt. Eric P. Marcum was a Persian-Farsi linguist-but also was charged with forcible sodomy against a male Senior Airman who "testified that Appellant's actions made him scared, angry, and uncomfortable."
  • Air Force Major Rickie J. Bellanger was charged with sexually abusing two minor boys-one of whom had begun corresponding with Maj. Bellanger when he was in the fifth grade.
The military already has a serious problem with sexual assault by homosexuals. If the current law against homosexuality in the military is overturned, the problem of same-sex sexual assault in the military is sure to increase.
  • If the law is overturned and open homosexuals are welcomed into the military, the number of homosexuals in the armed forces can only increase-leading to a corresponding increase in same-sex sexual assaults.
  • Removal of the threat of discharge from the military for homosexual conduct will reduce deterrence, likely leading to more cases of sexual assault.
  • If homosexuals become a protected class within the military, victims will be afraid to report incidents of homosexual assault and commanders will be afraid to punish them, lest they be accused of "discrimination" or "homophobia."
Allowing open homosexuality in the military would do nothing to enhance the readiness or effectiveness of our armed forces. On the contrary, it would clearly damage them-in part because it would increase the already serious problem of homosexual assault in the military.
Download the full paper [PDF]

EDITOR'S NOTE: Since this FRC report was released Congress has repealed DADT. Homosexuals may  now openly serve in the DOD. The Center for Disease Control issued a 2011 report based upon census data that puts the number of gays in the general population at 1.4%. This means even if the military, which has previously prohibited gays serving openly, has the exact same percentage as the general population then the incidents of gay sexual assault is closer to 8 times more likely than for heterosexuals.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

University of South Florida Changes Housing Policy because one student can't decide if he is male or female?

Mike Adams of in a column titled, "Steers Queers and Social Engineers" reports, "A transgender student at University of South Florida (USF) has now conclusively shown that once people become sufficiently open-minded their brains are likely to fall out and hit the ground. Frustrated and confused with his sexuality, Taylor McCue wanted to force USF to join colleges like Rutgers and Harvard, which are now offering students the option to live with anyone of any gender. And the USF administration has caved. Sissies!"

It appears that Mr. McCue had great difficulty filling out a USF housing form that asks if he is male or female. Holy Batman - cognitive dissonance is alive in Taylor!

This should not have been a problem because he has decided to be a woman. Or has he, or she, or whatever. Now even I am confused.

According to Mike Adams, "Taylor McCue has also complained that he has suffered from both 'misogyny and homophobia,' which is tough to accept given that Taylor McCue is a male. Having his penis surgically removed will not make him a female any more than having it re-attached to his nose will make him an elephant. But there’s no use telling him that. It might start a stampede – all in the name of tolerance, of course. Taylor McCue further claims that he hadn't begun taking female hormones yet when guys (real guys, not cross-dressers) on the floor of his dorm started asking about his sexuality, cracking jokes, and calling names. McCue complained to a residence hall adviser about the treatment." [My emphasis] 

Mike Adams reports, "USF admits that it doesn't know how many transgender students are on campus. But Dorie Paine said she's already had one transitioning student request an alternate housing option and that’s enough to proceed with the agenda. She admits she was contemplating the changes before she was approached by McCue. What a McShocker!"

To accommodate one transgender the tens of thousands of other student must tow the tolerance line, whether they want to or not. 

With typical academic arrogance reports, Paine told the St. Petersburg Times, "It's about making our students comfortable. It someone's not okay with it, that's unfortunate." In other words, Paine is saying this: “We don’t care if the people we don’t care about are uncomfortable. We’re trying to make the people we care about comfortable. It’s all about equality.” It really takes an academic administrator to say something that meaningless. What Painful stupidity!

Time for USF to MAN UP!