Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sao Paulo council calls for Heterosexual Pride Day

Hat tip to the Associated Press:
SAO PAULO (AP) -- The city council of South America's biggest city has adopted legislation calling for a Heterosexual Pride Day to be celebrated on the third Sunday of each December.
Sao Paulo Mayor Gilberto Kassab must sign the legislation for it to become law and has said only that he is studying it. His office declined Wednesday to say whether he supports the proposal.The legislation's author, Carlos Apolinario, said the idea for a Heterosexual Pride Day is "not anti-gay but a protest against the privileges the gay community enjoys. . ."
As an example, he mentioned how Sao Paulo's huge gay pride day parade is held every year on Paulista Avenue, one of the main thoroughfares in this city of 20 million people, while the March for Jesus organized by evangelical groups is not allowed on the same avenue.
"I respect gays and I am against any kind of aggression made against them," Apolinario said. "I have no trouble coexisting with gays as long as their behavior is normal." [My emphasis]
Is Mr. Apolinario's statement, "As long as their [gay] behavior is normal" an oxymoron?

This is great that Sao Paulo wants to recognize normal heterosexual behaviors that strengthen families, hold men responsible for their actions, and build a stable and productive society. Time for every community to host a heterosexual pride day. Time for others to MAN UP! as Mayor Kassab has.

Time for a New York Heterosexual Pride Day featuring fathers, mothers and children dressed in suits, nice dresses and waving to the crowds of normal everyday citizens? How about LA, San Francisco, Atlanta, Detroit, New Orleans, Tampa, Orlando. Maybe we can have a Heterosexual Pride Day at Walt Disney World. I think Walt would like that.

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