Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Five Great Gay Lies

There are lies, damn lies and gay lies. Gays live a life that is a lie and they tell lies to hide the lies in their lives. Gay lies have been embraced for far too long by far too many and need to be exposed. Here are my top five greatest gay lies:

LIE #1: "You were born that way and can't change"

That is the politically correct message these days. But it flies in the face of all medical science. No legitimate study has found a "gay gene," and no one was born that way. People become addicted to homosexuality through a number of often complicated factors. And the worldwide ex-gay movement has shown that people can heal and change if they desire. (Sexual radicals themselves say that sexual orientation or expression can be "fluid" -- viz., "bisexuality.")

LIE #2: "It gets better"

No, It DOESN'T get better. Statistically it gets much worse. The numbers of diseases (from AIDS and STDs to bowel diseases, etc.) and the range of mental illnesses and addictions connected with homosexual behavior are staggering. It's commonly estimated that male homosexual behavior takes 20 years off one's life. Homosexual men commonly have hundreds (even thousands) of sexual partners and suffer from alcohol and drug problems, plus high rates of partner abuse. Loneliness and depression are par for the course.

LIE #3: "Suicide is caused by hate and intolerance"

Virtually all responsible medical people and ex-gays themselves will tell you that when "gay" teens contemplate suicide, it's because they're horrified at the disgusting things they're doing to themselves (along with other dysfunction in their lives). But they find themselves addicted to it. And they think that there is no way to ever change. But when they are told they can heal from those behaviors they feel relieved. "Intolerance" has little if anything to do with it. The same suicide rates happen in places where homosexuality is completely tolerated. When you tell a child the truth -- that his homosexual tendencies are destructive -- but he can be healed and can change
 -- you are doing him a favor on many levels. Actually, gay sites purposefully exaggerate the suicide rate by "gay" teens. (Reliable statistics are difficult to find.)

Lie #4: "HIV/AIDS is not a gay disease"

According to the National Institute of Health, "MSM [Male Sex with Males] continue[s] to comprise a disproportionate number of new HIV transmissions (Osmond, Pollack, Paul, & Catania, 2007Schwarcz et al., 2007), active HIV/AIDS cases (Hall, Byers, Ling, & Espinoza, 2007Malebranche, 2003), and STI incidence (Palefsky, 2007Samuel et al., 2003
). . .

Lie #5: "Promoting homosexuality as being normal and natural is good for troubled kids"

This is probably the biggest lie of all. Especially for vulnerable kids who may be going through some psychological trauma, or are just unsure of themselves, this is the worst possible thing you can do to them -- emotionally, psychologically, and certainly medically.

Those who see the truth are silenced by false accusations of homophobia, which is a lie in itself. Homophobia is a political tactic to keep scientists, politicians, journalists, women and men from speaking out. It leads to self imposed censorship.

Censorship leads to lies becoming truth and truth portrayed as lies.


  1. Truth #1: Brain differences between homosexuals and heterosexuals:,8599,1815538,00.html

    Also, let's say that weren't born that way. Who cares? How does this in any way affect you?

    Truth #2: Homosexuals face intense discrimination in this country. Blaming the victim doesn't make sense. But for most people, the freedom and honesty of an open life is preferable to the shame and uncertainty of a closeted life. Even with all the hate out there.

    Truth #3: People often feel they are innately "bad" because people tell them this is so:

    Truth #4: Uhh... HIV/AIDS does not discriminate. It's a disease...

    Truth #5: "Promoting" homosexuality? What? I think gay people just want to stop being killed, beaten, hated on, and stripped of their legal rights. That seems legitimate to me.

  2. OOOOH! I just saw you quoted Stalin like it's a good thing!! ... Now I get it.