Saturday, July 16, 2011

University of South Florida Changes Housing Policy because one student can't decide if he is male or female?

Mike Adams of in a column titled, "Steers Queers and Social Engineers" reports, "A transgender student at University of South Florida (USF) has now conclusively shown that once people become sufficiently open-minded their brains are likely to fall out and hit the ground. Frustrated and confused with his sexuality, Taylor McCue wanted to force USF to join colleges like Rutgers and Harvard, which are now offering students the option to live with anyone of any gender. And the USF administration has caved. Sissies!"

It appears that Mr. McCue had great difficulty filling out a USF housing form that asks if he is male or female. Holy Batman - cognitive dissonance is alive in Taylor!

This should not have been a problem because he has decided to be a woman. Or has he, or she, or whatever. Now even I am confused.

According to Mike Adams, "Taylor McCue has also complained that he has suffered from both 'misogyny and homophobia,' which is tough to accept given that Taylor McCue is a male. Having his penis surgically removed will not make him a female any more than having it re-attached to his nose will make him an elephant. But there’s no use telling him that. It might start a stampede – all in the name of tolerance, of course. Taylor McCue further claims that he hadn't begun taking female hormones yet when guys (real guys, not cross-dressers) on the floor of his dorm started asking about his sexuality, cracking jokes, and calling names. McCue complained to a residence hall adviser about the treatment." [My emphasis] 

Mike Adams reports, "USF admits that it doesn't know how many transgender students are on campus. But Dorie Paine said she's already had one transitioning student request an alternate housing option and that’s enough to proceed with the agenda. She admits she was contemplating the changes before she was approached by McCue. What a McShocker!"

To accommodate one transgender the tens of thousands of other student must tow the tolerance line, whether they want to or not. 

With typical academic arrogance reports, Paine told the St. Petersburg Times, "It's about making our students comfortable. It someone's not okay with it, that's unfortunate." In other words, Paine is saying this: “We don’t care if the people we don’t care about are uncomfortable. We’re trying to make the people we care about comfortable. It’s all about equality.” It really takes an academic administrator to say something that meaningless. What Painful stupidity!

Time for USF to MAN UP!


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