Monday, July 11, 2011

Nationwide pulls their advertising off MTV pro-transgender show Degrassi

Column courtesy of Florida Family Association:

Nationwide stopped advertising during the show Degrassi shortly after Florida Family Association supporters sent emails to their company.

Florida Family Association sent out an email alert on June 20th about MTV airing through their Teen Nick channel for kids episodes of the show called Degrassi which affirms and promotes the transgender lifestyle to an audience of millions of young teens and children. The email alert identified Nationwide, Hewlett Packard, Verizon and Colgate as NEW leading advertisers on recent episodes.

Nationwide sent Florida Family Association a letter on June 21, 2011 which asked that supporters stop from sending emails to their company while they researched the show.  Click here to read the Nationwide letter.

Florida Family Association responded “Thank you for your letter.  We are encouraged to hear that you are looking into this show.  However, there is ample information from the emails that you are receiving to make a decision about the content of this show.”  Florida Family Association therefore declined to remove Nationwide as a Degrassi advertiser at that time from

Florida Family Association does not advocate thanking Nationwide because they have not officially communicated a decision not to advertise during Degrassi.  However, it is very apparent that they did stop because their advertisements have not appeared on the show during the past ten days.

Numerous other new advertisers have also not appeared during recent episodes of Degrassi.  Florida Family Association is closely monitoring the show to contact advertisers and monitor results of supporters’ emails and FFA office communications.

Colgate responded last week with an email stating their company would no longer advertise during the show.  Florida Family Association’s email that announced this good news included a contact email for Colgate’s chief marketing officer that was removed from the company’s directory of valid emails at the same time.  FFA apologizes for this inconvenience.

Your emails to advertisers continue to make a difference.

If you have not sent your email to the companies that advertised on Degrassi please click here to send your email.  

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