Saturday, July 9, 2011

Michelle Bachmann: A Woman Who is Manning UP!

According to, "No porn for you! At least if Michele Bachmann has anything to say about it. The GOP congresswoman is the first presidential candidate to sign a pledge that calls for banning all forms of pornography and gay marriage. It also requires fidelity between spouses."

Wall Street Journal's Danny Yadron in his column "Pledges Become GOP Litmus Test" reports, "Bob Vander Plaats, an activist for socially conservative causes, has the kind of sway with Iowa Republicans that has drawn the GOP presidential candidates to his door. He says he plans to endorse one. But first, Mr. Vander Plaats wants to know: Will the candidates sign his pledge to oppose gay marriage, pornography and Sharia, or Islamic law?"

According to Danny, "Mr. Vander Plaats's 'Marriage Vow' asks signers to agree to 14 policy positions aimed at supporting traditional, heterosexual marriage. They must commit to marital fidelity in their own lives, to oppose the federal recognition of gay marriage, and to fight prostitution, pornography and Sharia law. Mr. Vander Plaats said he wants the pledges returned by Aug.1 so he can announce who signed, and who didn't, before the state's Ames Straw Poll, a landmark on the presidential nominating calendar. 'It's pretty clear cut," he says. 'Why wouldn't they sign it?'"

I hope all the real men in the GOP Presidential primary race will sign the Vander Plaats Pledge.  It appears some are balking like Mitt Romney. Referring to candidates signing the Susan B. Anthony List pledge Danny found, "Mr. Romney declined to sign the Susan B. Anthony List's antiabortion pledge, saying it could have the unintended effect of eliminating federal dollars for some veterans hospitals. The antiabortion group questioned his rationale, saying it suggested that Mr. Romney 'wants the freedom to nominate pro-abortion candidates for key cabinet positions'."

Will 2012 become the year of the pledge? Will those who sign the pledges actually govern as they pledged?

Michelle Bachmann, Candidate for President of the United States

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